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Hey there, friend. Welcome to Sasurai, which is basically where I archive links to my translations so they’re easier to find. I translate a lot (though not as much as I’d like) and this is basically the easiest way for me to archive my completed projects.

I’ve studied Japanese for 10 years and been translating independently since 2009. Most of what I translate relates to Johnny & Associates groups, and most of that is V6, but I’ll translate anything that catches my interest.

流離 (さすらい) means “wandering alone in a strange country,” a thing I do a lot.



I ask that if you want to repost them, that you comment and ask permission first. I honestly don’t mind people reposting, I just like to know where they’re going and who’s reposting them c: The same goes for retranslating: I take artistic liberty where necessary for ease of understanding in English, so if you’re retranslating, you’re losing something from the Japanese, but if you’re fine with that then so am I. Unfortunately, I can’t take requests.


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