Nona Reeves blog: V6’s 20th anniversary and “39 Symphony”

Nishidera Gota and corin have previously worked with V6 on songs like “Sexy.Honey.Bunny!” and “kEEP oN.” The following is an entry from his blog on working with them again to craft a megamix for the second half of their 20th anniversary concert. The mix ended up being called the “39 Symphony” (“Thank You Symphony” — 39 here is read as “san-kyuu” and is, as you might suspect, slang for “thank you”).

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Sakamoto Masayuki’s “One Dish”: Masayuki’s Inside


“One Dish” is a regular segment on “Non-Stop,” airing weekly on Fuji TV, in which Sakamoto Masayuki (V6) goes to a different district (usually in the Tokyo metro area) to sample food and purchase a certain ingredient for a simple recipe. The following is the interview from Sakamoto Masayuki’s “One Dish”, a collection of recipes from the show.

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